How Important Is What Society Thinks?

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This question has an infinite amount of answers as to how important what society thinks is. When you ask someone this question, you will most probably be answered with a but. So, how much of this what society thinks do we need to include in our lives?

Read below to find out!

What you feel is definitely more important!

Yes, I would never argue that we need to completely forget about what society has to say about something. When it comes to something important in life, whether it is very important or not we need to understand that what we feel and think about the entire situation is much more important than what society thinks of us. You need to know what your priorities are. And you should always put yourself before society. Because, if you give importance what each and everyone has to say about you, you will never find yourself to be worth anything!

Set your priorities!

In life, you need to set your priorities. Prioritizing in life is of utmost importance. You need to believe in what you think is right. Because, whatever the situation, each and everyone has a different way of viewing it. If you think something is very important and you need to do it no matter what. Then you do it! Because it is important to you. And if you need to make contradicting decision, then ensure that you never compromise on your priorities and beliefs! Lets say for instance, if you plan on a charity sponsorship, but at that moment society is urging you to do more for something else, decide what you feel is more important and do it!

 Listen to only those critics who have good intentions

This is one of the important pointers to follow in one’s life. You need to analyze the situation you are in and who are the people who are discussing the situation. Not every person has their best interests in heart. So, if you want to ensure that what people are talking to you is correct or not, you need to look at the people talking. There are some people who just talk but will never be of use to anyone! And there are some others who pretend to do good for you but will even condemn an act of charity donation. Therefore, always know who you should listen to and should completely ignore! Don’t ever generalize it as society!

 You do need to take into account what others have to say!

 Yes! You do need to take into account what others have to say about your life. After all we are all living on the same earth! You can never completely ignore what society has to say. But it is very important to never allow society to decide our life. It is after all our life and we should live it according to our likes with some consideration to what society has to say!

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