This question has an infinite amount of answers as to how important what society thinks is. When you ask someone this question, you will most probably be answered with a but. So, how much of this what society thinks do we need to include in our lives?

Read below to find out!

What you feel is definitely more important!

Yes, I would never argue that we need to completely forget about what society has to say about something. When it comes to something important in life, whether it is very important or not we need to understand that what we feel and think about the entire situation is much more important than what society thinks of us. You need to know what your priorities are. And you should always put yourself before society. Because, if you give importance what each and everyone has to say about you, you will never find yourself to be worth anything!

Set your priorities!

In life, you need to set your priorities. Prioritizing in life is of utmost importance. You need to believe in what you think is right. Because, whatever the situation, each and everyone has a different way of viewing it. If you think something is very important and you need to do it no matter what. Then you do it! Because it is important to you. And if you need to make contradicting decision, then ensure that you never compromise on your priorities and beliefs! Lets say for instance, if you plan on a charity sponsorship, but at that moment society is urging you to do more for something else, decide what you feel is more important and do it!

 Listen to only those critics who have good intentions

This is one of the important pointers to follow in one’s life. You need to analyze the situation you are in and who are the people who are discussing the situation. Not every person has their best interests in heart. So, if you want to ensure that what people are talking to you is correct or not, you need to look at the people talking. There are some people who just talk but will never be of use to anyone! And there are some others who pretend to do good for you but will even condemn an act of charity donation. Therefore, always know who you should listen to and should completely ignore! Don’t ever generalize it as society!

 You do need to take into account what others have to say!

 Yes! You do need to take into account what others have to say about your life. After all we are all living on the same earth! You can never completely ignore what society has to say. But it is very important to never allow society to decide our life. It is after all our life and we should live it according to our likes with some consideration to what society has to say!

Death can be known as one of the hardest things that could happen to the living. It is quite a confusing statement but once the person you love is gone, the deceased won’t feel a difference at all but for the survivors it won’t be easy. It could be days or even could be forever because pain is hard to hide and forgetting is never an easy job. Therefore one needs to be really strong to go through a phase as such. However there are things that you can do to heal the pain and to feel better with that phase. Mediation is one of the best recovery methods that one may do as they have to understand and realize the fact that nothing is permanent in the world and everyone who comes to this world has to leave one day.

Religion is one of the best sources that can help one to recover from that drastic phase and it actually helps if they can really put their time and effort. Moreover giving and helping others, taking someone to light from darkness is also one of the best ways to recover as one will be personally satisfied with what they are doing.

Through these good deeds, they are helping to put a smile on someone’s face and that can make their day better. Therefore that is a good recovery mode. Furthermore if they miss the deceased person, they can visit some talented stonemasons and get custom memorial stones done by engraving the deceased’s favorite quote or mentioning their date of birth and date of death and so on. This is again done for the betterment of their mental health as at least they can be happy that they are doing something for the deceased.

Praying for the soul that they miss the most is also something that one may do for them and it can be a beneficial for the mental health as well. At times people can find gravestones for sale from monumental masons in Melbourne and they can purchase those and fin it on the cemetery as a memory of that person who is not here anymore. Their friends and family can visit the cemetery once a month and clean and cut the extra grass and make the place look better and beautiful. These can be known as things that they can do in order to live without a sorrow because deaths and funerals are not for deceased, it’s all about the living beings.


Losing someone is a terrible feeling. The thought of not seeing that person again can be really depressing and can make people devastated. However, at the event of an individual’s death, one cannot afford to be helpless. There are arrangements to make and things that need to be taken care of. Since it can be really difficult to arrange certain things, here is some help.
First, you must inform your relatives, friends and colleague about the death. The most common way of announcing an individual’s demise is through a newspaper notice. However, people who were close to the departed person must be informed individually. Do not miss anyone since it can result in unwanted problems. The easiest way to do this is to create a list to ensure that you inform everyone.
Floral Arrangements
This is one important arrangement that needs to be included when you calculate the funeral costs in Melbourne. You need to find a flower arrangement service that offers good service for a reasonable rate. Do not opt for something extravagant and expensive since you need to take care of other expenses as well. The flowers need to be simple and beautiful. You need to necessarily order white flowers; anything that would suit and look good can be used.

The Casket
Most people underestimate the price of a casket. If you do a proper research, you will know that this is the item that will hold the biggest share in the overall funeral costs. Make sure to order the casket from a reliable burial service since there some companies that sell used and stolen caskets. Also, since the price is high, you need to ensure that you make a satisfactory purchase. For example, make sure that the size, weight and the material of the casket is suitable and appropriate beforehand.
The Service
You have to decide where you are going to hold the service. You can have it in a church or any other religious institution depending on your religion. Make sure to inform the pries or the authorities well ahead so that they can make the necessary arrangement. If you are expecting a large crowd to turn up, you can hold it at a funeral service venue. These are places that can accommodate large crowds and offer all the necessary facilities. But, if you have the required space, you can hold the funeral at your house itself.
Once these arrangements are planned and taken care of, there is nothing else for you to be stressed about. You can say your goodbye to the departed soul peacefully.

A loved one in the family has just died and you are totally distraught by the painful vacuum created. In such a difficult situation you need a reliable hand which can help you extend respectable last good-bye to the deceased. Lots of beliefs are attached with last rituals and if anything goes not as per the procedures, the feeling of failure haunts for weeks to follow. So, a good research can help you have correct support for carrying out the last journey of the deceased successfully.
Knowing about repatriation services operational in your area can be quite helpful in getting the right service. They are the last rituals service providers know all about procedures which need to be carried out after death. When the coroner declares the reason for death, family members need to share the same with the funeral service provider.
Last rituals involve talking about the person too. What kind of person deceased was and how he influenced the lives of others is also explained to the last rituals manager. Funeral service providers can write speeches on the basis of details given. Therefore, small research on the life of deceased is also conducted and photographs are collected to build the correct atmosphere at the time of funeral.
Funeral homes are fully equipped to carry out the last rituals for you without any loopholes. They have in-house embalmers who are expert funeral directors at Sunshine Coast in cleaning and preparing the dead body. Nature of death determines how extensively body will be embalmed and treated. They are given detailed plan mentioning the number of visitors expected, time of actual cremation etc.
Sometimes, one may require keeping the dead body for viewing or for waiting for all the closed family members to arrive. This is also taken care of by cremation service provider who has all the arrangements in place for such requirements. Family ethos and traditions play crucial role in determining the method to be followed at last journey of the deceased. So, cremation services provider are well-versed with traditions so that they can do the best without asking many questions.
Casket is another requirement for carrying out the last rituals. Some crematories have in-house casket store while others may require you buying one on your own. Idea of buying a funeral service is to ensure that the soul departed gets a respectful good-bye. Even the survivors want to convey their deepest regards and so make every effort possible to ensure highest quality of service.

Funeral services offer fair deal to their buyers. Idea is to arrange for the service as per the budget size. Promotion of funeral service inspires more and more people to opt for these services so that the practice of bidding adieu does not die due to lack of resources.

Death is inevitable; it is something we could not avoid. People leave their corporeal body in different ways and sometimes the most unexpected time. When they die, all that’s left is to at least give them the honor they deserve by choosing the best funeral services in Canterbury.
The funeral service provider that the family chooses will be providing them the complete and efficient services, but there are some responsibilities left for the family to decide; this is choosing the perfect casket for their deceased loved one.
Making a choice when it comes to the type of casket is very important, but it definitely is the most difficult responsibility for a mourning family member. Caskets now come in a wide range of choices in terms of materials, colors and styles. They may also be customized based on the family’s request and preferences. A casket will be the departed loved one’s eternal resting place which is why most families would choose the best, although it doesn’t need to be very extravagant or costly. A casket is very important even when the family decides for a burial or a cremation.
Here are some useful information about funerals in Canterbury which can be of great help for families that have been left by their loved one:

The Casket Material. Some of the most common caskets are classified into the following based on the material used to create them.

Wooden Caskets – this is one of the most chosen types of casket because they can be adorned with a lot of designs. Hard furniture woods are usually the type of wood used and they can be painted based on the personality of the deceased person. Most caskets are painted white, gray, or brown to make the wake and the burial more dignified.
Biodegradable Caskets. This is actually one of the most traditional types of caskets where the deceased member of the family is placed in a coffin made of woven bamboo, seagrass, wool and other biodegradable materials.
Semi Metal Caskets. This are made partly with metal and some parts are made with wood material. This looks and costs more elegant than the wooden type.
Metal Caskets. These are the most expensive type and one of the heaviest types of casket. They can also be painted with different colors or for a more elegant touch; some prefer to leave it as stainless silver.

Caskets may also be custom-made and these types of coffins have become a trend especially for those who could afford the services of a casket designer and artist. 
It is also of great importance to make a choice based on the purpose; whether the dead will be interred or cremated. For burial purposes, some would choose the expensive ones and something that would last for years and those who choose to have their departed loved one cremated would choose something more inexpensive and highly combustible.
Size also matter in term of choosing a casket for a dead loved one. There are standard sizes to choose from for the following types of casket:

Infant size caskets
Children size caskets
Adult size caskets
Oversized caskets